IDEA: The primary task of Trigony ARCHITECTURE is the realization of the project idea, which is the essence of every architecture implementation . Our ambition is to create projects, fully reflecting the requirements of the investor, therefore every design process begins with a detailed analysis of the guidelines.


Residence of Grunwaldzka

Conversion of the old mansion belonging to Joseph Strauss, an office building

H: 14,62m A: 1030,5m2 V: 3250,0m3

4 levels


PWR office building

Adaptation of the partially constructed building on the established publishing

H: 11,75m A: 3811,5m2 V: 14291,1m3

5 levels


Project of refitting an existing office building. The modernization of the 60s building space including adjustment to the applicable safety regulations and fire protection, and refresh, and arrangements of office space.

H: 11.9 m A: 1627.0 m2 V: 33673.5 m3

3 levels


The Old Slaughterhouse in Poznań

The urban-architectural concept for the area of ​​the Old Slaughterhouse in Poznań, approved with the Office of the Municipal Conservator of Monuments, assumes the revitalization of the historic area, respecting the most valuable building objects.

H: 21.0 m A: 81,250 m2 V: 294,000 m3


KLIF resort/spa

Development concept for the area recovered after the former military missile base.

 A: 24000,0m2


Centre for Culture - Suchy Las

The project of a modern building which combines the functions in the community cultural

H: 11,9m A: 1627,0m2 V: 33673,5m3

3 levels

ACADemik (dormitory)

The unique functional solution for the commercial house of student

H: 38,5m A: 12300,5m2 V: 91200,0m3

12 levels

MAESTRO - Stary Browar

"Sustainable Beauty"

H: 10,3m A: 175,0m2 V: 1150,3m3

2 levels

Terraced Houses - Tulce

The project of 20 terraced houses in Tulce near Poznan
H: 7.28 m A: 3,947.80 m2 V: 9.180 m3
2 levels

Zamkowa 30

A project of the multifamily residential building with services, building will be raised on a slope above the lake in Swarzędz.

H: 10,5m A: 3537,3m2 V: 10173,8m3

5 levels


The design of multi-family housing, the primary objective of the project is to obtain a unique building with a unified schema design and fabrication

H: 21.2 m A: 3000.0 m2 V: 9123.0 m3

4 levels


Multifamily residential building project based on the modular housing

H: 12.0 m A: 6321.1 m2 V: 19123.1 m3

4 levels

VILLA - Heweliusza

The project of a detached house with an underground garage for 2 families in a residential area of Poznan
H: 9.47 m A: 803.28 m2 V: 2424.14 m3
3 levels


Family home project with two residential zones for two generations

H: 7.8 m A: 356.5 m2 V: 2190.0 m3

2 levels

Love IN

The project of three-storey detached house with a central energy management system

H: 7.2 m A: 248.3 m2 V: 721.8 m3

3 levels

Modul - houses

A series of single-family houses with a unique modular structure giving arrangements

H: 3,6-5,4 m A: 98,0-142,5 m2 V: 285,5-460,0 m3

1-2 levels


A single family house only for a couple

H: 6.5 m A: 225.2 m2 V: 780.0 m3

2 levels




The project a series of commercial buildings for the lease. Foundation provides several objects of different sizes depending on location. For the purpose of promoting and marketing has been designed a sign common to all buildings

H: 7.2 m A: 5105.6 m2 V: 30150.5 m3

1 level


Executive project MALL interior and surface sanitation

1 level

H: 7,1-11,2 m A: 42,000.1 m2 V: 158,000.4 m3


RED - Gniezno

Adaptation of the object on the building began trading for the rent

H: 10.9m A: 1772.6m2 V: 7533.5m3

2 levels

Square "Wiosny Ludów"

Competition for the study of program-planning Square area of Wiosny Ludów in Poznan
Competition project developed by a team led by architect copyright E. Sieiński

New Chwaliszewo

Competition for the study program and the spatial region in Poznan Chwaliszewo

Competition project developed by a team led by architect copyright E. Sieiński